Beehive Botanicals Manufacturing

Propol 2000®

Manufactured using a proprietary process, Propol 2000® is in-house and independantly lab-tested and certified to contain a minimum of 8% bioflavinoids. Our ultrapure propolis product is available as a powder or liquid tincture.

Our exclusive manufacturing and handling processes assure the maximum purity and freshness of Propol 2000® since 1972.

Propolis is a resinous, reddish-brown substance collected by bees from tree buds and used in the hive for repairs and in effect, to seal out harmful bacteria. The nutritional and therapeutic benefits of propolis are valued and studied worldwide.

Rich in bioflavinoids, propolis exhibits powerful antibiotic and antifungal properties as a topical agent. Current research attempts to quantify the immune-boosting effect of propolis as a dietary supplement with great potential in disease prevention and treatment applications.

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